I love my dog More – Loyalty club

 Easy to join!

Sign-up by giving us your phone number or E-mail at time of purchase.

For each bag of dog treats or multiple bakery items ( 4 bakery items such as Donuts,

Cookies or Woofy Sticks)  you will receive One Paw

Redeem Paws for one reward!  Rewards grow the more you shop!

You choose the reward your want!

10 Paws – Free Bag of Treats

20 Paws – 8 Free Bakery Items

30 Paws – $10 off your next purchase

50 Paws – $20 off your next purchase

75 Paws – Free Tray of Donuts – 25 donuts to share

100 Paws – Free Celebration Cake – Donuts  and Cookie Tray 

Only available at Point of Sale locations.  Not available from online orders.

How to redeem Pas for Reward:

When you reach each Reward Level we will let you know.

If you would like that Reward, let us know and you can redeem it,

or save your Paws until the reward you want is achieved.

Once redeemed, paws my not be reused or refunded