Ingredients List

We only use ingredients that we  would eat.

Organic flours: Whole Wheat, Whole Wheat White, Oat, Chickpea, and Buckwheat, Rolled Oats and Pumpkin flesh.  Local Sourced items, like honey, molasses, carob, and carob topping.

Our eggs come from our own chickens, who have there own large run and have access to a very large yard to forage for themselves.

We have no added refined sugar, preservatives and items you cant easily pronounce

Treats are baked in small batches for quality control and to maintain the freshest ingredients at all times. Then dehydrated for maximum crunch and longevity. Treats, when placed in an air tight container in a cool and dark place will last about a year and half.  We say that last 6 months because they never last that long at our  house.

All treats are tested by our panel of dogs and humans.  Our treats use all human grade ingredients.

True Story:

One of our customers had a friend over to watch her dog for a few hours, When the customer returned home she could not find the Peanut Butter treats she left on the counter.  The friend came in and told the friend that the cookies she left out were good, very peanuty but were not very sweet.   When the owner told the friend that she had eaten the dog treats  left for her to give the dog, they had a good laugh over that.

So if you want you and your dog can have a treat for doing something good.