Getting to know US

Hello! I am Stephen, the owner and baker here at MaiRo & Co – Dog Treat Bakery.

I live with my husband, Robert, and our “kids,” Coco and Huckleberry.

We all enjoy simple, clean living at our little place we call Nature’s 3rd Acre.

Robert and I were both born in Southern California, where we lived for many years. We decided to move to a small village in Ohio to enjoy a slower pace and connect with nature.  Robert loves the outdoors (more than I do, to be honest), so we have a delightful backyard & garden with plenty of room for chickens, growing lots of veggies and herb, and of course, the dogs!

Coco, a German Shepherd / Border Collie mix, is our third dog, and the first that we rescued here in Ohio.  

Huckleberry fell into our laps like a big, slobbery miracle.  I call him our gentle rescue. Huck is an Otterhound                                 (Lick here for more about Otterhounds), who was loved, but too big for the space his owner had. With heavy heart the owner let Huck go and we took him in. Now he is a BIG part of our family.

When not playing fetch or baking. Robert works in retail, and I am a Floral Designer for Michael Arts & Crafts.                   (Check out my designs at

The idea for a business of dog treats started almost ten years ago. Our oldest dog, Maisie, would always watch Robert if he was eating peanut butter toast for breakfast,  We laughed and said we should make Maisie her own peanut butter toast.  So we did.  I formulated a Peanut Butter Treat recipe for her, cut them out in the shape of Toast, and here we are today!

 We’re all having fun and enjoying a simple life as MaiRo & Co Dog Treat Bakery..



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